by Kevin Williams

SICC Joins the NIAA

Recently, the NIAA (National Independent Athletic Association) has welcomed the former SICC (Southern Independent College Conference) into its midst. The NIAA is a conference full of smaller schools to include junior colleges, trade schools, community colleges, and more to compete athletically on a fair and level playing field. Even though the NIAA is composed of smaller schools it still operates at the same level as other national athletic conferences like the SEC or Big Ten. If you have never heard of these conferences before then let us fill you in with everything you need to know!

Starting with information about the SICC, it contained five different teams that all called the state of Florida home. These five schools include: 

●    SCS Academy - Melbourne, Florida 

●    MTB - Legacy College - West Palm Beach, Florida 

●    MSA - Legacy College - Miami, Florida 

●    Legacy College - Key West, Florida 

●    Jacksonville Athletic Academy

As you can see by the small size of this conference, the teams can really use some extra competition to play against. This is exactly why they joined the NIAA, to gain extra exposure, but mainly to play against more schools than just their own five. 

Kevin Williams, the Director of Basketball Operations, recently spoke with us about the merger of these two conferences. With regards to the merger Williams stated, “We are excited to have the SICC conference join the NIAA. Adding the Florida teams is huge for the development of the NIAA brand. I am looking forward to the competition and recruiting battles between our new programs”. This merger is certainly going to be fun and exciting for everyone involved.

I also spoke with Corey Williams Director of Operations for the SICC he stated to me. "The SICC joining the NIAA is exciting for college sports. The south east has some of the most skilled athletes when it comes to pure athleticism. Guys out in Florida chase rabbits for trainings, while others train on speed and agility on the sandy beaches of the costs. This is good for college sports for student athletes to really get to explore their options in trades and compete for a National Championship, all while training and developing with some of the best in the game. Sometimes you just have to crest your own lane to better serve your community and those around you! We look forward to working with the NIAA and it’s competition. 

As always, for more information about each league we highly suggest that you check out the official websites which we have attached below.

For information pertaining to the NIAA